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Big thanks to Fawcett & Leibal for lending us their wonderful imagery for the use of this theme. Below are their stories:

"Fawcett is a furniture and mattress manufacturer based out of a small factory in the Rock Bay neighbourhood of Victoria, BC. We are committed to producing work of an exceptional quality with the finest natural, sustainable and Earth friendly products available. Before becoming partners in Fawcett, Ross Taylor and Duane Franklin each spent 30 years in the upholstery and mattress manufacturing industry, crossing paths many times during that period. In 2012 they decided to join forces and create Fawcett, allowing them to apply all of their knowledge and years of experience to a new line of mattresses and upholstered furniture. They have dedicated themselves to making better, longer lasting products while exclusively using sustainable, non off-gassing materials resulting in a line of products that we take great pride in."

"Leibal Store was created as a source for curated items focused on quality, minimalism, and functionality. Our mission is to provide a unique set of products that fascinate and inspire the user. We review each product, down to its packaging, to ensure that we continuously provide the best in both quality and design."